steven-meckler_voices_edible-baja-ariona_01-0012-480x308 A local and beloved pizzeria serving up good on the Eastside for over ten years

ROO’s has a reputation for a commitment to serving a menu of locally-sourced and organic food of excellent quality in a casual environment. ROO’s features renowned in-house-crafted cocktails, a solid wine list, and craft beers, many from local brewers. Renee’s taste for purity in every ingredient, and her appreciation for a great dining experience have earned Renee’s Organic Oven great support from locals as well as travelers.

Celebrating many local companies, producers and people is our specialty.

We utilize organic ingredients throughout our menu. 

If you prefer or desire an entirely organic meal, please let your server know and they will guide on creating a meal that you can fall in love with. 


To name a few…

Local Organic Beef from San Rafael Valley Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Where is this on our menu? Meat Lasagna, Meatballs, Marinara Meat Sauce, Tailored Tony Sandwich 

Local Cheese from Fiore di Capra

Where is this on our menu? Oh, Honey Board. Option on our Hummus Plate and under toppings choice for organic cheese. 

Local Ice Cream from Isabella’s Ice Cream

Where is this on our menu? Dessert! Flavors vary and a vegan sorbet is also served up. 

Gluten Free Goods from Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery/Bistro

Where is this on our menu? GF Pizza Crust, GF Carrot Cake, GF French Baguettes, GF Bundt Cakes. Renee’s Organic Oven is the First in Tucson to offer a gluten free pizza and we proud of it! This would not be possible without the help of some great gluten free local dedicated people at the Gourmet Girls! 

Serving 20,000 + of these Gluten Free Beauties sure has taught us a lot. While we are not a gluten free kitchen we do our very best to educate, train and foster an experience where all can enjoy a meal here that meets your requests.

Shared kitchen space with separate lines and raised gluten free stones for gluten free items. 

Local Coffee from Yellow Brick Coffee 

Where is this on our menu? Cold Brew, Iced Mocha, French Press 

Local Coffee and Ice Tea Brewed from Arbuckles’ Coffee

Where is this on our menu? Hot: Regular and Decaf Coffee. Cold: Decaf Apricot and Black Ice Tea 

Local Tea from MayaTea

Where is this on our menu? Blackberry Sage Sweet Tea and Maya Bourbon Cocktail

Arizona Wine: 

Sand Reckoner 2 

70% Sangiovese 30% Syrah

Cochise County Sangiovese Black cherry, black tea, and tobacco aromas with fresh fennel and rose. A full flavored blend that combines finesse with muscular tannins. Blackberries, smoke and dark chocolate on the finish.

Dos Cabezas Red  
Most Fruit coming from around Willcox AZ. Flavors of citrus zest, craisins & plum. Center palate red fruit has weight that persists pleasantly. A versatile dining companion,

Arizona Provisioner White and Red Blends 

An easy drinking and affordable Arizona House Wine coming in from Cochise County and getting along well with all the food. 

Borderlands Brewing 

Noche Dulce and Citrana (They are awesome) 

Iron Johns 

Our pick from Iron John’s does vary.

Many of our staple ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, eggs, milk, spinach, lettuce, berries, tomatoes, squash, coconut milk, rice milk, beans and most pasta noodles are organic.

As you can imagine our produce selection of both the organic and local availability varies. Feel free to ask on your next visit what we have going on! 

Address & Phone

Renee's Organic Oven 7065 E Tanque Verde Rd Tucson, AZ 520.886.0484