Order for delivery through Doordash:

We understand many of you love this convenience and great service, we are ready to now offer delivery through DoorDash, bringing our food to your door because many of you have asked for this to happen. 
Please understand while doordash has worked with us on lowering our partnership fee, some items we can not reduce what we bring in for product or labor cost involved, those items will reflect a higher cost when ordering through doordash. 

If you can come pick up or order through our crew or our online ordering you will not be paying that extra cost, or you can simply avoid those particular items” 

YOU must select if you want contact free delivery 
YOU must select if you want to go utensils from us 
YOUR Driver must be wearing a mask, doordash has confirmed this, if they are not let doordash know.

Once you confirm your order through them it is sent to us and you can’t cancel so make sure you check your order also make sure you call us if you have any questions before you place this order <3 

This is new to us and we want to make sure you are delighted with this service. 
You can always let us know but make sure you also let doordash know as your anonymous feedback keeps great responsible drivers working and reports those who are not doing well by you and by us.

Chicken Thai Curry Pizza & Zoodles